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Re-imagining Leiden Shorts

Re-imagining Leiden Shorts

Shaping the future of the festival within the cultural sector

After 15 years, Leiden Shorts is embarking on a new chapter. With eyes set on the editions from 2024 onward, the festival seeks to explore new approaches to its structure and vision, as well as reexamine its goals and ideals, as we tackle the wave of transformations within festivals and the cultural industry. We believe that this comprehensive and thorough process should begin with public, communal, open, and transparent debates.

In a two-day event, the festival invites experts from the national cultural field—film industry professionals, cultural partners, artists, scholars, and the general public—to engage in discussions, talks, and roundtables. Together, we will explore some of the most pressing issues confronting festivals, filmmakers, and cultural organisations. We hope that these debates will help shape the transformational process of Leiden Shorts while also informing and encouraging new avenues of thinking and practices in the cultural sector as a whole.

Prior to and during the festival, an audience survey will be distributed among past and present visitors to further guide the transitional steps of the festival.

Event is curated by Niv Fux & Lotte Kircher