Alongside the film programmes, Leiden Shorts will offer national and international film professionals a platform for exchange, networking, and developing new collaborations. Through a series of talks and discussions, we will explore and reflect critically upon urgent issues within our film industry, including censorship, activism, commoning, and collective ways of working. In this way, we hope to encourage new perspectives and diverse outlooks across the sector

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The industry programme is supported by the Netherlands Film Fund.

Talks & Events Overview

Panel: What can the film industry learn from the commons?

Friday, 7 June 2024 at 14:00; PLNT

Amid political crises, corrosive implications of late capitalism, and imminent environmental risks, the international film industry faces unprecedented challenges. This current state of affairs compels us to consider different approaches to our activities and ways of working. But do we really dare to do so? What would we need to unlearn and give away to turn the industry into a more ethical, inclusive, sustainable, and stable place?


Panel: We Need To Talk About…the Right to Be Political

Friday, 7 Jun at 15:30, PLNT

What responsibility do cultural institutions and film festivals have in times of major political crises? How can cultural organisations maintain their commitment to their values while facilitating dialogue and creating bridges? In what ways can filmmakers and artists use their voice and work as platforms for making a difference?


Industry drinks

Friday, 7 Jun 2024, at 17:00, PL NT

For accredited guests

Industry breakfast

Saturday, 8 Jun 2024, at 10:00, PL NT
For accredited guests

Workshop: Introduction to the Short Film Ecosystem – Festivals, Markets & Industry Tips

Saturday, 8 Jun at 12:15, PLNT

With an abundance of options and a chaotic festival landscape, where do you start? How do you find the right opportunities? And how can you make sense of it all? In this workshop, industry expert Emilia Mazik will provide a thorough overview of the short film circuit.


Panel: Navigating the Festival World: Finding Your Voice in the Circuit

Saturday, 8 Jun at 14:00, PLNT

In this panel, we aim to demystify essential aspects of the festival journey for emerging filmmakers. We will explore various distribution opportunities within the international festival circuit, offering guidance and insights from film professionals and programmers on finding the right path for your film. Special emphasis will be placed on alternative approaches and festival strategies for films with a social focus, addressing underrepresented voices and themes


Masterclass Artist in Focus: Yuyan Wang | Editing with ghosts

Saturday, 8 June 2024 at 16:30, Kijkhuis 2

Yuyan Wang’s artistic exploration oscillates between film and installation, while delicately balancing poetry with political commentary. Central to her practice is the examination of the mutation of elementary materials and the industrial production chain of images, whose endless development leads to an abstraction of reality. Through her unique prism, the found, processed, and created material emerge as both a medium for introspection and a tool for societal deconstruction, while constantly challenging the concept of perception.


Talk: We need to talk about… Decolonial Memories

Sunday, 9 June 2024 at 14:30, Wereldmuseum Leiden

How do we reflect on the presence of deteriorated history that has survived within us? After the screening, we will hold a panel discussion with filmmakers, film professionals and experts. With memory as a vehicle this programme probes the implications of colonial destruction and damage on later generations and until the present day. We will explore the parallels and distinctions between various post-colonial realities through the filmmakers’ personal testimonies and hear about their working and research process. Through this, we look into the therapeutic and emancipatory power of art and film, as facilitators of reimagining a dark past.



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