Women in Rage

Women in Rage imagines the anger of mythical female monstrosities—Medusa, Pontianak, Rokurokubi, Venus, Lilith and many other ladies—from whom we have inherited the figure of the supernatural woman. By turning the lens away from the myth towards the antagonist, this animated short film rages with their injustices, prejudices, subjugation, and bodies. Stories are our inheritance. To dismiss the formation of a hero or villain is to lose an understanding of our culture and values. We know of female monstrosities, yet rarely hear of the suffering that made them the antagonist. By foregrounding their pain and anger, we learnt to listen deeply and give consideration to their bodies and pain. Art is a humane practice in imagining the Other. These women are angry. So are we.


Sara Chong, Yanyun Chen






5 minutes

Under Her Skin

Thursday, September 10 22:45 - 00:02 / Kijkhuis 2
77 min.
Saturday, September 12 16:15 - 17:32 / Kijkhuis 1
77 min.

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