The Women's Revenge

Following The Glamorous Boys of Tang (2018), The Women’s Revenge is the latest iteration of Su Hui-yu’s ‘Re-shooting’ series where he resurrects the ghosts of Taiwanese film history through dynamic re-enactment. A thudding bassline accompanies five women on a vengeful rampage, paying homage to Taiwan Black Movies, the politically subversive 1980s sexploitation genre that was suppressed by the Chinese Nationalist party during the Martial Law period. A sword raised above the head; a stab in the stomach.

Director Biography

Su Hui-Yu (b. 1976) was born in Taipei, and graduated from the Graduate Institute of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts in 2003. In his art, Su explores the connection between mass media, pop culture, post-colonial history of Taiwan, and everyday life. In his work, he talks about violence, dreams, body politics, memories of martial law period, interaction between reality and fantasy.

Alternative title



Su Hui-Yu








16 min.

The Act of Sound

Friday, 3 September 16:45 - 18:01 / Kijkhuis 1
91 min.
Saturday, 4 September 14:20 - 15:51 / Kijkhuis 1

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