Tandis que je respire encore

In a 3 movement narrative, the movie draws the journey through a woman's sexuality, in all its roughness and softnesses. From that little girl inspired by the models painted by Paul Delvaux and Klimt, to her first sensual gestures as a teenager and her experience as a stripper, we gradually see a woman unfold. With great intimacy and sensitivity, she reveals the sensual relationship to her own femininity and to those who she has once shared a special moment with.


Laure Giappiconi, La Fille Renne, Elisa Monteil






13 minutes

Under Her Skin

Thursday, September 10 22:45 - 00:02 / Kijkhuis 2
77 min.
Saturday, September 12 16:15 - 17:32 / Kijkhuis 1
77 min.

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