Sun Dog

Fedor is a young locksmith in Murmansk, a frozen city in the obscurity of the Russian Arctic. Client after client, he roams through the alleys of concrete animated by a fantasy that isolates him from the city and its population. His dreams corrode his relation to reality and open the door to a phantasmagoric universe; a second sun is rising above the Russian Arctic.

Director Biography

Dorian Jespers (1993) is a Belgian filmmaker. He studied cinematography at INSAS and directing at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Gent, an education that focuses strongly on the development of a filmmaker's personal language. This is reflected in his experimental fantasy MA film, Sun Dog.


Dorian Jespers


Belgium, Russia


English, German, Russian






20 min.

That’s All, Folks

Thursday, 2 September 18:45 - 20:06 / Kijkhuis 2
81 min.
Friday, 3 September 22:20 - 23:41 / Kijkhuis 2
81 min.

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