Planet A

Salt: trace, absence of water, passage of time, invading epidemic, living cemetery. Water: manoeuvre, absolute value, fertility, rhizomes, chance. Cotton: corruption, economic issues, hydrophily, desertification. The world has become a vast dried out planet, where the growing of cotton, over exploited for economical reasons is the main cause of desertification. A saline desert covers acres of dried out land where strange salt trees appear. This phenomenon echoes an even greater ecological disaster, the desertification of the Aral Sea. And man is always responsible...

Director Biography

Momoko Seto was born in 1980 in Tokyo, Japan. After studying at the Lycée Français of Tokyo, she attended the Fine Arts College of Marseille and Le Fresnoy National Studio of Contemporary Arts in France. She began making short fiction films and documentary films for the CNRS (National Centre of Scientific Research) in Paris. She then started creating hybrid mix-­‐genre films by transforming everyday life elements into a poetic and singular universe, for example the experimental animations “PLANET A” and “PLANET Z” and seafood porn videos. Her films have been selected and shown at numerous international film festivals (Berlinale, Rotterdam, Locarno...) and artistic events (Ars Electronica, Centre Pompidou...), some of which have received international prizes. She lives and works between Japan and France.


Momoko Seto




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Science Film

Saturday, 11 June 20:00 - 21:45 / Kijkhuis 1
105 min.

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