My Uncle Tudor

After 20 years of silence, the filmmaker returns to the house of her great-grandparents, where, at the age of nine, she faced the abusive sexual behaviour of her uncle. The long-awaited family gathering contrasts with the filmmaker's off-screen conversation with her uncle about the harmful events from her childhood.

Director Biography

Olga Lucovnicova (Moldova, 1991) is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and researcher in the field of audiovisual arts, currently based in Belgium. She is a winner of the Golden Bear at the 71st Berlin International Film Festival, the 35th European Film Academy Awards, and many others. As a filmmaker, Olga is particularly interested in stories that can generate social change and create a platform for discussion. Her filming style combines observational cinema with poetic elements, focusing on human emotions and intimate stories that challenge stereotypes, confront taboo topics, and push the viewer towards critical thinking and reflection about our world. Olga graduated from the DocNomads Erasmus Mundus Joint Master's Degree in Documentary Directing and is currently working on her doctoral research project funded by the Flanders Research Foundation in Belgium. Her research interest lies in the impact of Soviet documentary cinema on memories and traumas of post-Soviet society, and she explores the power of first-person cinema in addressing and contributing to the healing process of these complex issues.

Alternative title

Nanu Tudor


Olga Lucovnicova


Belgium, Portugal, Hungary, Moldova


Romanian, Russian






20 min.

Nuclear Family

Saturday, 16 September 19:30 - 20:55 / Kijkhuis 2
85 min.

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