Li paradisi

Lucia owns a family olive grove together with her brother Donato, but her trees have stopped producing as they once did because of a parasite that caused most of the trees to dry out. In a difficult process of acceptance, Lucia embarks on a journey between present and past where her identity as a human being is at stake.

Director Biography

"Manuel Marini is born in Salento, the southern part of Apulia (Italy), in 1988 but he grew up in Rome. During his studies in Netherlands he worked with several film productions and started directing music videos. In 2015 Manuel graduated from a Communication Bachelor degree in Amsterdam and he moved back to Rome to study Screen Writing.
In 2016 he took part in a Directing course at the EICTV in Cuba. In 2017 his short film ‘OLVIDATE DE ESO’ entirely shot in Old Havana, was selected by many film festivals around the world, including ‘Young Italian Authors” at the Mostra del Cinema di Venezia. In 2018 he is selected by the Los Angeles advertising agency ’72andSunny’ to be one of their international team of creative. In 2020 he directed ‘LI PARADISI’, his latest short film produced by Apulia Film Commission. Manuel currently lives in Rome."

Alternative title

The Heavens


Manuel Marini










13 min.


Friday, 3 September 14:40 - 15:49 / Kijkhuis 2
69 min.
Saturday, 4 September 13:50 - 15:20 / Kijkhuis 2
90 min.

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