L'homme inconnu

Late 1970s. The Flemish writer Louis (37) decides to go to the fashionable Côte d'Azur. He hopes this new place will bring him inspiration, as after the success of his first novel he has trouble finding the inspiration for a new story; in Flanders there is too much pressure and distraction. At first sight, this seems the ideal place to start working on the new novel, but soon Louis realises that inspiration will not come naturally here either. Just when he is on the phone with his publisher about the state of affairs, lying that things are progressing smoothly, he sees a couple making love on the beach. Under pressure from the publisher, Louis decides that there is only one thing he can do; visit the couple. They introduce themselves as Melanie and Tommy. It is Tommy, in particular, who arouses something in Louis. Louis has never met anyone so handsome and self-confident. Tommy is perfection, and both outwardly and inwardly he is everything Louis has never been able/willing to be. Over the next few days, Louis can’t get Tommy out of his head. At night he even has a wet dream about it, something that hasn't happened to him since puberty. What is this? Louis doesn't know what to do with himself and decides to put his feelings and thoughts on paper. He finally starts writing. The desire for Tommy and these new feelings of lust become his subject. How will he be able to get closer to the boy with his looks and stature? Louis becomes completely obsessed with Tommy. His story starts to take shape. Louis convinces his publisher of his plan. In Flanders this will be controversial, but no less interesting. The publisher gives him tips on how to make the story even more exciting and interesting. Louis becomes obsessed with his characters and can no longer control himself. Melanie turns out to be the big obstacle in getting closer to Tommy. It seems as if Louis is making up a story with such extreme plot twists that reality and fiction begin to mix. In the post office, he sends the final version of his manuscript to his publisher. Proudly Louis walks out, but in the entrance he bumps into a couple. They turn out to be Melanie and Tommy. Louis feels caught out, but it seems as if the couple has never seen him before. How is this possible? Did Louis make all this up? What is fiction and what is reality?

Director Biography

Anthony Schatteman graduated from KASK (School of Arts) Gent in 2012. Afterwords he studied the extra theoretical master degree ‘Film Studies and Visual Culture’ at the University of Antwerp where he graduated in 2014. His first- and autobiographical shortfilm ‘Kiss me softly’ was awarded by the renowned International Shortfilm Festival in Leuven and was selected in official competition at festivals such as Frameline (San Fran), BFI Flare (London) & and the Palm Springs Shortsfest (LA). Over the past few years he directed several other short films (‘Follow me’ (2015) & ‘Petit Ami’ (2017)), music videos and television- & internet commercials for clients such as Proximus and the Belgian government. Currently Anthony is working on the script of his first feature film.


Anthony Schatteman




Dutch, French







Wet Stories

Thursday, 9 June 21:45 - 23:15 / Kijkhuis 2
90 min.
Saturday, 11 June 21:30 - 23:00 / Kijkhuis 2
90 min.

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