In de stilte van de nacht

During a nightly journey teenagers share their experience with domestic violence and how this has defined their image of love, intimacy and parenthood. Associative images show the adolescents painful memories and a turning point to another life.

Director Biography

Yaron Cohen (1985, Nijmegen) studied directing documentary at the University of the Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands. After his studies, he has directed and produced documentaries, which were selected for several international film festivals and broadcasted on Dutch television (VPRO, Human, 2DOC). Often his documentaries tell intimate, observing, stories about people, their personal struggles and their resilience, which show the human side of macro-social and political developments. Besides making documentaries, Yaron's love for storytelling outs itself also in other visual languages such as analog photography.

Alternative title

In the Still of the Night


Yaron Cohen


The Netherlands








17 min.


Thursday, 2 September 20:30 - 21:48 / Kijkhuis 2
78 min.
Sunday, 5 September 20:15 - 21:33 / Kijkhuis 1
78 min.

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National Competition

Saturday, 4 September 19:55 - 21:35 / Kijkhuis 2
100 min.

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