Golden Minutes

When a heart attack strikes, a person has exactly ten minutes to be saved by the people around him. In medicine, this short period of time is called “Golden Minutes”. Liudas has decided to hang himself. But he can’t do it until his apartment is clean and tidy, so he decides to take out the trash. Liudas takes the trash to a waste container next to a bus stop. But just as he reaches the container, Liudas collapses. He is struck by a heart attack. As Liudas is laying on the ground without any signs of life, the street around him is lively as usual: a jogger is looking for his dog, people are running to catch a bus to work, musicians in a hurry for a rehearsal step over Liudas, mistaking him for a homeless man. None of them, including an ambulance driving by, pay attention to Liudas, whose Golden Minutes are ticking away.


Saulius Baradinskas






10 minutes


Friday, September 11 14:45 - 16:12 / Kijkhuis 2
87 min.
Saturday, September 12 20:00 - 21:27 / Kijkhuis 1
87 min.

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