Entrance and Exit of Mascha B.

Entrance and Exit of Mascha B. follows a young woman through a digital transformation process. In the premises of a big architectural visualization company, delicate operations give rise to a promotional image: Mascha B. gets 3D-scanned, processed and retouched digitally. A virtual office room is furnished and inhabited by Mascha B. and digital colleagues. The film ends with a mise-en-scène: while the final rendering builds up on the computer screen, the aria „Barcarole“ from the 1881 fantastic opera „The Tales of Hoffmann“ plays. In this opera the hero, Hoffmann himself, hopelessly falls in love with the almost perfect creation of physicist Spalanzani, the mechanical puppet Olympia.


Laura Engelhardt






14 minutes


Friday, September 11 19:45 - 21:02
77 min.

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