ECHO portrays a mysteriously frozen world, consisting of empty landscapes, lonely trees, mythological creatures and an abandoned home. A world which, at first glance, seems similar to the world we all share together - yet feels uncanny. There is never a human in sight. However, you can’t shake the thought that you feel a presence. It’s breathing down your neck. Shadowing you wherever you go. The laws of nature don’t apply here. There are other forces. Bigger. And they rule mercilessly.

Director Biography

At HKU (Utrecht) better known as ‘the pigeon lady’, and at UNSW (Sydney) as ‘the bin chicken chick’; it is obvious that pretty much my entire life revolves around nature - especially my work as a photographer and filmmaker. Specializing in the roles of cinematographer and director, I developed a strong focus on storytelling, research and concept development - all of these predominantly focused on non-fictional narratives. My obsession for nature documentaries combined with an artistic background results in the urge to portrait hidden stories, whether or not nature-related, from unexpected angles. This includes experimenting with adding layering in the narrative.


Lieke Bezemer


The Netherlands


Dutch, English






6 min.


Thursday, 2 September 20:30 - 21:48 / Kijkhuis 2
78 min.
Sunday, 5 September 20:15 - 21:33 / Kijkhuis 1
78 min.

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