In a remote coastal village in Colombia, a little girl named Dulce is learning to swim. Her mother is trying to help her, but Dulce is scared and wailing inconsolably. Everyone in the village knows it’s vital to be able to swim, if only because many people in the village—and that includes Dulce and her mother—are dependent on the local cockle harvest. With all the other kids having fun in the water, Dulce sits apprehensively on the dock. Her fear of the water is still too great, and she resists the encouragement of her girlfriends to join them. But what will she do, asks her mother, when the sea water rises up and threatens the village? Who will drown then? That’s right.


Angello Faccini, Guille Isa






11 minutes

Nostalgia for the Future

Sunday, September 13 12:30 - 13:58
88 min.

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