Emma, a 6-year-old girl, gets up one morning and discovers that a sheep has escaped from her dreams and is jumping on her bed. Emma and the sheep become great friends and spend the days playing, while they ignore that everything around them has been changing since the day the sheep arrived. Emma will have to discover a way to find the planet where the sheep lives and the dreams are born, to try to get everything back to normal.


Lulú Vieira






9 minutes

Shorts for Shorties

Sunday, September 13 10:30 - 11:37
67 min.

Also in this session

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2. Dreamsheep
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3. The Witch & the Baby
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4. Cloudy
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5. Heatwave
Fokion Xenos, 8 minutes
6. Good Heart
Yevgeniya Zhirkova, 5 minutes
7. Chess
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8. Saturday's Apartment
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9. Le tigre sans rayures
Raul ‘Robin’ Morales Reyes, 8 minutes