In post-war Kosovo, driven by the ambition of keeping their beloved sport alive, two local players wander from one obscure location to another carrying with them the only possession of the club: their tables.

Director Biography

Samir Karahoda began working as a photographer in 1992. In 2003 he completed his photography studies at the Academy of Fine Arts at Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul. In addition to his work as a photographer, he is also a cinematographer, tutor and curator of the short film program at the DokuFest, Documentary and Short Film Festival in Prizren. His documentary short film IN BETWEEN was his directorial debut, which in 2019 had its world premiere at the Berlinale as the first Kosovar film to compete at this festival. IN BETWEEN was also a candidate for the European Film Awards. DISPLACED is his second short film which had its premiere at the Official Competition at Cannes Film Festival.

Alternative title

Pa vend


Samir Karahoda


Dutch premiere




Albanian, Turkish







In Transit

Sunday, 12 June 12:15 - 14:00 / Kijkhuis 1
105 min.

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International Competition 1

Friday, 10 June 20:15 - 21:50 / Kijkhuis 1
95 min.

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