Awkward Apologies

“Awkward Apologies” is a documentary-publication project, it is the third part of my documentary “Four Journeys”. The outcomes of “Awkward Apologies” has a publication “Awkward Apologies”, and a documentary “Four Journeys-3, Awkward Apologies”.

Director Biography

Louis Hothothot (Louis Yi Liu) is a young film and video artist, and winner of the 3 Package Deal Young Talent 2018-2019 prize in Amsterdam. Louis was born and grew up in China. He studied graphic design, animation and video art at the China Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing. He enrolled in the Master of Fine Arts program at the Dutch Art Institute in 2012. Between 2015 and 2017, Louis studied at the Netherlands Film Academy in the Master of Film program. He works as a multimedia artist combining video art, performance and graphic design. His research deals with the subject of memory, identity, emotion and pain.


Louis Hothothot


China, The Netherlands






15 min.

Drifting Lands

Saturday, 4 September 16:15 - 17:55 / Kijkhuis 1
100 min.

Also in this session

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3. Seni, Act 1
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4. Awkward Apologies
Louis Hothothot, 15 min.
5. Hominins
Chi-Yu Wu, 16 min.