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Joanna Rytel, 11 (Sweden/2021)

Everyone has plans A, B, C and D. My plan is to turn all my plans into reality at the same time. How else do you get pregnant with an infertile guy?


Mehdi Fikri, 11 min. (France/2021)

France, November 2015. After the Paris terror attacks, the state of emergency is proclaimed to facilitate the work of police forces. 4 AM. A policewoman helps colleagues to conduct a search, but soon finds out that things aren’t going the way they’re supposed to.


Zhizi Hao, 20 (China, United Kingdom/2021)

An 8-year-old boy searching for fireworks on a Chinese New Year’s Eve, after the firework ban is introduced in this southern Chinese town.

Leon Golterman, 2 (Netherlands/2021)

A stop-motion animated film about ten-year-old Kevin, who dreams of becoming a pilot so he and his sister Jaimy can escape from their tyrannical father.

Gerard Ortín Castellví, 21 (United Kingdom, Spain/2022)

Machines are checking and sorting nature in an industrial greenhouse. Cameras enable the robots to do their work. Human hands only intervene to straighten anything that is crooked, plant delicate items or clean the mechanics to ensure things continue to run smoothly

Tang Yi, 14 (Hong Kong/2021)

18-year-old school girl Shengnan enters a night of adventure in adults' world.

Majid Al-Remaihi, 13 (Qatar/2021)

Weaving a personal family archive, reenacted dreams and rituals, the film underlines the promise of cinema as a medium for memories even at their most irretrievable.

Lotfi Achour, 13 (Tunisia, France/2021)

Under the dictatorship of Ben Ali, a man is kidnapped, tortured and killed, then vanishes without ever being found. Thirty years later, he comes back to talk to us.

Daniel Mateo Vallejo, 15 (Colombia/2021)

Luciano tries to evade the weariness sensation in his life through music and sex in a city that deprives him from pleasure and submit him under the imminent siege of things.

Yoriko MIZUSHIRI, 6 min. (France, Japan/2021)

Living things, artificial things, geometry shapes, and lines. When these different things encounter, a new direction is born.

Ágata de Pinho, 20 (Portugal/2022)

Ara had always believed she would disappear at twenty-eight years old.


Jeon Seung-bae, 6 (South Korea/2021)

Everyone relies on attentive Battery Dad to keep things well-powered and smoothly-run, but when a field trip’s downpour hits, will he still have the power to keep his cool and save the day?

Benjamin Nicolas, 11 (Canada/2021)

It's Christmas Eve, Martin drives customers in his VTC, suddenly, without warning, his body begins to make uncontrolled movements.

Jan van IJken, 6 (Netherlands/2018)

BECOMING is a short film about the miraculous genesis of animal life. In great microscopic detail, we see the ‘making of’ a salamander in its transparent egg from fertilization to hatching.

Isadora Neves Marques, 22 min. (Portugal/2022)

Mirene and André, and Carl and Vicente, are both couples in their mid-thirties. While Mirene and André struggle with their fertility, Vicente decides to undergo an experimental procedure, implanting an ovary in his body in the hopes of having a child with Carl.

Guillaume Fournier, Samuel Matteau, Yannick Nolin, 11 (United States, Canada/2022)

2019. Spring flooding in Mississippi hits record highs. In Louisiana, the residents of Pierre-Part are preparing for the worst.

Hugo Covarrubias, 16 (Chile/2021)

Based on true events, ""Bestia"" explores the life of a secret police agent during the military dictatorship in Chile. Her relationship with her dog, her body, her fears and frustrations reveals a grim fracture of her mind and of the country.

Jussi Sandhu, Sakari Suuronen, 3 (Finland/2022)

Mirja and Timo are finally going on a holiday.

Sahand Kabiri, 19 (Iran/2021)

Mehrad is a 20-year-old queer from the upper-middle-class Tehran. Despite the social practices of his class, he decides to deal cocaine in his underground party community and today, he’s going to buy 200 grams of cocaine for the first time…

Manolis Mavris, 26 (Greece, Belgium/2021)

Perfectly identical girls, dressed in military uniforms, work day and night. A matriarchal family. An oligarchic society. What would happen if we replace bees with humans?


Tomás Paula Marques, 16 (Portugal/2021)

Gabi believes in her ability to act in times of injustice, relying on her physical abilities. One day, Gabi finds out that her brother, Daniel, is a victim of bullying in their neighbourhood.

SeO, 5 min. (South Korea/2021)

A black comedy about an unidentifiable strange creature that will satisfy the desires of those who seek fear for sheer pleasure.

Daewoen Yoon, 17 min. (South Korea/2021)

Chang-hyeon, a transgender prostitute encounters a visitor who seems both familar and alienated to him.

David De La Fuente, 6 (United States/2021)

"A Love Letter"

María Silvia Esteve, 15 (Argentina, Switzerland/2021)

In the depths of her mind, pain takes the form of a creature. A love relationship unleashes the obscurity within, to evoke in the real world, a world of shadows.


Olha Zhurba, 19 (Ukraine/2021)

An immersive insight into the last hours of 13-year-old Sasha’s life in a boarding school for children deprived of parental care. He is one of the luckiest – an American family finally adopted him.

Anna Dudko, 6 (Ukraine/2021)

A lonely chubby mermaid is keen on peeking at people through the water pipelines using magic. One day she falls in love with a man and, blinded by passion, comes into his apartment to satisfy her burning desires.

Samir Karahoda, 15 min. (Kosovo/2021)

In post-war Kosovo, driven by the ambition of keeping their beloved sport alive, two local players wander from one obscure location to another carrying with them the only possession of the club: their tables.

Rona Fayad, 3 (Lebanon/2021)

Enya's journey trying to make it as a dancer is hindered as her behaviors drag her downhill.


Juanita Onzaga, 15 (Belgium, Mexico, Italy, Colombia/2022)

Sybille is the last person alive on a planet with no history or water. She roams through arid lands, traveling through strange visions.

Luis Macias, 9 (Spain, Mexico/2022)

The ocean is the only crossing to arrive to the Mount Analogue. Through each wave, which breaks into each of the primary colors, a gateway opens to a new perception...

Lois Patiño, 25 (Spain/2022)

Distant lights draw the city. Shining ships arrive with sleeping people and the night turns liquid.

Chaerin Im, 6 min. (South Korea/2021)

Exploration of masculinity begins with the Minotaur, a mythical creature Picasso used to portray himself in his etching print series. The Minotaur goes through a violent struggle between being male and female. Finally, lines blur and boundaries of sexes disappear.


Emory Chao Johnson, 14 (United States, Malaysia/2021)

Video, illustration, and animation are combined in this intimate portrait of an international art student studying abroad in the United States. Drawing on artist profile and gender journey films, F1-100 is a transnational meditation through time and space of a young artist carrying a heavy burden.

Kate Stonehill, 14 (United States/2008)

Once upon a time, in the city of Veles (Macedonia), a group of teenagers discovered riches beyond their wildest dreams in the Fake News 'digital gold rush'.

Leonardo Martinelli, 20 min. (Brazil/2021)

A delivery man dreams of having a motorcycle. He was told that everything would be like a musical film.

Hilke Rönnfeldt, 12 (Denmark, Germany/2021)

Wild boars want to be with farm pigs. A lover wants to be with her love. A short film about what can come in between.

Jordi Wijnalda, 12 (Netherlands/2021)

An all-male foster family tries to enjoy one last morning together, before their unity will be broken by what was inevitable all along.

Olivia Martin-McGuire, 15 min. (United Kingdom, Australia/2021)

The story of a grandfather’s perilous swim from China to Hong Kong that parallels his granddaughter’s own quest for a new freedom.

Aris Kaplanidis, 12 (Greece/2021)

A little story from a blue-collar neighborhood. Lina, a middle-aged lady who never leaves the balcony of her house, intervenes in everything that happens within her visual field.

Nicole Jachmann, 16 (Netherlands/2021)

Fifteen-year-old Robin and her best friend Merel share everything and are inseparable. Except for Robin's budding sexuality and curiosity. Robin is ashamed of this and keeps it anxiously hidden.


Shi-Rou Huang, 7 (Taiwan/2021)

Gazing at wall cancer and the scar, the woman recalls some ups and downs of love. The film depicts femininity and female internal time-consciousness through the convalescence of woman' s broken heart, which is based on my personal experiences.


Pavel Mozhar, 26 (Germany, Belarus/2021)

After the presidential election in Belarus in August 2020, numerous protests erupt throughout the country. The special police take brutal action against demonstrators.

Kim Kokosky Deforchaux, 19 (Netherlands/2021)

Lies, an eldery widow from the Dutch East Indies, has been living in the Netherlands ever since Indonesia became independent. She talks to her son on the phone on a daily basis, but doesn't want to burden him with the traumas of post-colonial turmoil that still haunt her every night.

Evgenia Arbugaeva, Maxim Arbugaev, 25 (United Kingdom, Russia/2022)

On a remote coast of the Russian Arctic in a wind-battered hut, a lonely man waits to witness an ancient gathering. But warming seas and rising temperatures bring an unexpected change, and he soon finds himself overwhelmed.

Kent Chan, 21 (Netherlands/2022)

Heat Waves comprises twin montages of historical and contemporary imagery and videos (filmed and found). Together they examine the contexts, politics, and proliferation of the many aesthetics of heat.

Niklas Pollmann, 15 min. (Austria, Germany/2021)

Two lost souls in London. Connected through a poem in German and the question of how they will meet.


Connor Simpson, 12 (United States/2021)

An experiential descent into chaos following a wayward teenager's search for catharsis. Starring Uly Schlesinger ('Generation' - HBO Max)

Francesca Panetta, Halsey Burgund, 8 (United States/2019)

In July 1969, much of the world celebrated the “giant leap for mankind” that the successful moon landing constituted. In 2022, nothing is quite so straightforward.

Eliane Esther Bots, 22 (Netherlands/2021)

In Flow of Words follows the narratives of three interpreters of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. They interpreted shocking testimonies from witnesses, victims and perpetrators, without ever allowing their own emotions, feelings and personal histories to be present.

Christoph Büttner, 12 (Germany/2022)

One evening a prison director announces to a convict being executed next day. As by a miracle later at night the cell door opens.

Mateo Vega, 7 (Netherlands/2021)

After finishing secondary school, two teenage friends hang out in the industrial margins of their rapidly changing hometown.

Nicolai G.H. Johansen, 16 (Denmark/2021)

Gothic horror meets small town teenage romance as we follow a girl roaming the streets, gazing at a boy. Soon it becomes clear that she is bound to something.

Andrei Epure, 21 (Romania/2021)

Several residents discover an unconscious woman lying in front of the block. Even though she lives on the third floor, nobody knows her name.

Marc Oller, 13 (Spain, Japan/2021)

A young woman relives key moments of her past in search of answers after her boyfriend disappears with no apparent reason.

Maria Estela Paiso, 14 min. (Philippines/2022)

The world is about to end. Maya is forced to go home to the province of Zambales.


Fransix Tenda Lomba, 11 (Belgium/2021)

The first animated film by visual artist Fransix Tenda Lomba is a kind of parcours through Congo’s historical education systems – and an analysis of the ideological function of the institution of the school.

Julie Rembauville, Nicolas Bianco-Levrin, 6 (France/2021)

Kiki the canary only knows his cage and the old lady who feeds him. He dreams of flying with the free birds from outside.

Erik Verkerk, Joost van den Bosch, 2 (Netherlands/2021)

A burglar breaks into a museum and breaks more than he wants.


Anthony Schatteman, 22 (Belgium/2022)

Late 1970s. The Flemish writer Louis (37) decides to go to the fashionable Côte d'Azur. He hopes this new place will bring him inspiration, as after the success of his first novel he has trouble finding the inspiration for a new story; in Flanders there is too much pressure and distraction.

Xóchitl Enríquez Mendoza, 15 (Mexico/2022)

Catalina submits to the tradition of her people, “La Baláhna”, to demonstrate her purity and worth as a woman to her beloved, but her body betrays her and she fails to demonstrate her chastity.

Léahn Vivier-Chapas, 14 min. (France/2021)

Who will best play her part: the dancing lioness or the little girl we attempt to tame? Only the Boob Fairy will know who is really worthy of her attention.

Jean Painlevé, 14 (France/1928)

An octopus glides over objects on land—a doll, a skull—then moves along the shore into the sea. His ink stays behind. The camera tracks the beast along rocks in deeper water, watching closely as it breathes.

Sein Lyan Tun, 20 (Myanmar/2022)

During COVID second wave in Yangon, a lonely woman “Ma” lost her job as a kitchen helper in the restaurant. On her way back home, Ma gets a chance to meet her crush.

Jean Painlevé, 13 (France/1967)

The flowing grace of an eight-armed embrace, the silky glow of a spherical eye… Painlevé's soft portrait of a special sea creature is a sublime example of the most magical films in existence.

Diana Cam Van Nguyen, 13 min. (Czech Republic/2021)

She finds letters full of love her dad wrote her 15 years ago. Now she fights to get that love back.


Varun Raman, Tom Hancock, 4 min. (United Kingdom/2022)

In the wilderness, a tree begins to question whether it may actually be a man tripping on hallucinogens.

Sofia Georgovassili, 14 (Greece/2022)

What happens to roe deer during their reproductive period? What does a young female body feel during and after an abortion? Can a cyclone break out only in our unconscious?

Veronika Schubert, 6 (Austria/2021)

As in a modified computer game from bygone times, we glide through an animated labyrinth in a point-of-view perspective

Stéphanie Lagarde, 16 min. (Netherlands/2021)

As an intelligent elevator discovers the world, we get to know the invisible links between extreme heights and extreme depths.

Olga Lucovnicova, 20 min. (Belgium, Portugal, Hungary, Moldova/2021)

After 20 years of silence, the filmmaker returns to the house of her great-grandparents, where, at the age of nine, she faced the abusive sexual behaviour of her uncle.


Sebastian Mulder, 24 (Netherlands/2021)

A documentary following Naya, a wolf that walked from East Germany to Belgium tagged with a GPS collar. The first wolf in Belgium in 100 years, she suddenly makes headlines – but her presence takes a mysterious turn.

Ahmad Saleh, 16 (Palestine, Germany, Qatar, Jordan/2021)

The dust of war keeps the eyes sleepless. Night brings peace and sleep to all the people in the broken town.


Pedro Gonçalves Ribeiro, 21 (Portugal, Brazil/2021)

Declared dead by accident, Iolanda Bambirra lives like a ghost between life and death in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, a town in ruins and with no trace of time.

Paloma Orlandini Castro, 18 min. (Argentina/2021)

A personal and sexual diary. A fake user’s manual whose sophistication and audaciousness free it from the traps of what has to be said and the agenda of commonplace.

Fan Sissoko, 4 (Iceland, Mali/2021)

A young Black woman goes swimming in the Icelandic sea and reflects on her experience of raising a child in a country that feels nothing like home.

Deniz Tortum, Kathryn Hamilton, 13 (Netherlands, United States, Turkey/2021)

OUR ARK is an essay film on our efforts to create a virtual replica of the real world.


Gisela Carbajal Rodríguez, Felix Klee, 8 (Mexico/2021)

Sofía is putting up search posters of her missing boyfriend Luis all over town. Copies of his picture surround her. Luis is one of the more than 80.000 missing persons in Mexico. At night Sofía faces a recurring dream: Little by little her world tranforms into paper.

Charlie Shackleton, 17 (United Kingdom/2017)

In the wake of Pizzagate, a look at how “fake news” and conspiracy theories emerge—and why they linger in the imagination.

Momoko Seto, 8 (France/2008)

The world has become a vast dried out planet, where the growing of cotton, over exploited for economical reasons is the main cause of desertification

Jan van IJken, 15 (Netherlands/2021)

Planktonium is a short film about the unseen world of living microscopic plankton. It is a voyage into a secret universe, inhabited by alien-like creatures.

Jon Rafman, 21 (United States, Canada/2021)

​​An unseen narrator reunites with his old friend Joey Bernstein in the dingy back room of a comic and games store located in a dead mall. Bernstein asks if the narrator remembers their favorite childhood computer game, Punctured Sky, and informs him that all trace of the game has vanished from history.


Astrid Goldsmith, 13 (United Kingdom/2020)

When a robotic rover starts drilling for signs of life on Mars, the race is on for one tiny rock-beast to save her native community from the invader from Earth.

Anna Paděrová, 14 (Czech Republic/2021)

The village dance has begun, the skirts are spinning and feet are stamping to the rhythm of the dance. However, Róza hasn’t been invited to dance with anyone just yet. All of a sudden an unknown stranger appears, inviting Róza to dance, giving her a pair of red shoes.

Michael Omonua, 14 (Nigeria/2021)

How do you stage a miracle healing? Boundaries dissolve between church and theatre, faith and credibility.


Anna Lena Spring, Lara Perren, 4 (Switzerland/2021)

Ava enters the Sauna for the first time. She is overwhelmed by the nudity, her thoughts, and the physical sensations.

Jens Kevin Georg, 18 (Germany/2022)

At the place of eternal rain, the hot-headed drummer Lotte has to learn that she cannot set the rhythm of a friendship all on her own.

Radu Jude, 22 (Romania/2021)

The life of human beings, seen from birth to old age. Only that this generic life is not represented with humans, but with the artefacts that we the humans have created for our children (or should we say “cubs”?), in order to prepare them for life: the toys.

Maarten Groen, 3 (Netherlands/2021)

Figure skater Nastassia chooses a pact with a dark force to achieve the impossible.

Luciënne Venner, 18 (Netherlands/2021)

On a vacation with her girlfriend Lyla’s fantasies are triggered in an unexpected way. After she is stung by a sea urchin she meets the sensual Valéry who takes her to an underground sub culture with a peculiar fetisj.

Andrea Szelesová, 11 (Czech Republic/2021)

The Big Sister – a person of colossal size – is trapped in sand in a deserted landscape. With no way to take care of herself, this burden falls on her resentful little sister.

Jerusha West, 13 (United Kingdom/2022)

Recollecting her youth during the 'Baby Scoop Era', Edith looks back on Solidago, an all-female rural community she was sent to in order to give birth to a child conceived outside of marriage.

Filip Diviak, 15 (Czech Republic/2020)

A homeless musician was kicked out of the city after the queen saw his face. Although the guards destroyed his instrument, he didn't lose the motivation to fix it.

Konrad Kultys, 18 (Poland/2022)

Tough skinhead Adam ignores his disability, depite it he tries to dominate his loved ones. A decision by his caring brother to change jobs pushes Adam to reconsider his situation and and face up to his own limitations.


Saulius Baradinskas, 18 min. (Lithuania/2021)

Nikita loves to listen techno music and dreams to go to Berlin and visit the famous club “Berghain”. His mother Irena doesn’t know about his son’s dreams and soon enough their mutual expectations will clash.

Kate Hinshaw, 14 (United States/2021)

Ten Leaves Dilated is a documentary that uses the make-believe world crafted by Cabbage Patch Kids to examine discourses surrounding childbirth and motherhood in the American South.

Jan van IJken, 7 (Netherlands/2016)

Short film about “murmurations”: the mysterious flights of the Common Starling. It is still unknown how the thousands of birds are able to fly in such dense swarms without colliding.

Daniel Cook, 18 (United Kingdom/2021)

On the North East Coast of Scotland, an extraordinary family have turned the previously derelict Bayview hotel into a place of respite for international fishermen when they come to land.

Ziyoo Hwang, 6 (United Kingdom/2021)

Mark Fisher argues that there is widespread anxiety and depression in our society, the one caused by capitalism. Virginia Woolf described her depression as the nebulous fog. I saw the nebulous fog covering us, making us more anxious and depressed.

Jihyeon Bae, 7 (United States/2020)

Two stars crossed celestial bodies striving to close the distance, no matter the cost. Friendship knows no distance even if it means being light years away.

Ramzi Bashour, 23 (Lebanon/2021)

Bashir attends his father's funeral in rural Lebanon only to discover a pathogen infecting the trees across his village. A dark-comedy about tradition, grief, and the environment.

Haigang DU, 21 (China/2021)

On their wedding day, the poor young couple lose their wedding ring. The film gradually shows how lonely and helpless the couple are while they coping with the mess.

Razan Hassan, 15 (Netherlands/2022)

Anne couldn’t accept her own child Felix, who was born with Down syndrome. Anne tries to process her struggle through making theater with Sara, a 32-year-old woman with Down syndrome.


José Prats, Álvaro Robles, 12 (Spain, France/2020)

In a remote village where the rain never stops, six-year-old Kyna spends her days playing happily, protected under her father Din's umbrella beard. One night, her beloved dog Nana disappears. To find her, Kyna must face her biggest fear: the rain.

Thanasis Trouboukis, 17 (Greece, Finland/2022)

As a mountainous village in Greece sinks under the lake, the memories of its inhabitants emerge from the water.


Jhon Ciavaldini, 18 (Argentina, Venezuela/2021)

What do we see from our windows? I see images of violence of a country in crisis through the eyes of Venezuelans, images of a social collective memory.

Suzannah Mirghani, 7 min. (Qatar/2021)

Suzi doll is an ego-warrior. The director’s online avatar, marching to the algorithms of social media. She is lit by temporary outrage. A trending indignation. A passion that is fashion. A politics of the popular.

Nicolas Gourault, 19 (France/2021)

A sensory investigation about the role of human workers in the training of self-driving cars.


Dania Bdeir, 16 (Lebanon/2022)

A Syrian migrant working as a crane operator in Beirut volunteers to cover a shift on one of the most dangerous cranes, where he is able to find his freedom.

Zaina Bseiso, 7 (Palestine/2021)

Interested in its parallels with the fate of the Jaffa oranges, the filmmaker tells her father about her intention to film the last orange grove in Los Angeles. Their disagreement transforms the grove into a space for contemplation on the politics of storytelling in the multigenerational experience of Palestine in exile.


Ricardo Alves Jr, 20 (Brazil/2022)

On a remote beach on the Brazilian coast, grandmother and granddaughter meet the extraordinary that inhabits the high seas.