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Simon Norton, 1 min. (Australia/2020)

This official music video for the band ALESTORM was made during the 2020 COVID-19 quarantine from March to June 2020. Thirty students...

Jimmy Olsson, 23 min. (Sweden /2020)

Victoria is in a wheelchair and Ida works as her assistant. When Victoria meets Ida's boyfriend, something happens to her...

Denise Riedmayr, 22 min. (Germany/2020)

Partying and chilling at the pool: Anna and her clique take in the last days of summer.

Sushma Khadepaun, 18 min. (India/2020)

While attending her sister's wedding in India, Anita is pushed to question whether her life in America is any better than those in her hometown.

Ghada Fikri, 8 min. (Egypt/2019)

Can the lines in a hand hold stories? What memories do the grooves store?

Rafaël Beauchamp, 10 min. (Canada/2020)

November 2001 : Charles follows his Martin, another victim from the AIDS epidemic of the 90’s, to the end. Twenty years later, we dive back in.

Graham Foy, 16 min. (Canada/2020)

August 22, This Year is a meditation on death, a collective acceptance of mortality and a warm embrace for the present.

Louis Hothothot, 15 min. (China, The Netherlands/2021)

“Awkward Apologies” is a documentary-publication project, it is the third part of the documentary “Four Journeys”.


Washington Calegari, 12 min. (Brazil /2020)

Alvaro has been quarantined for 97 days without leaving home, and uses delivery apps to order everything he needs. When the delivery man arrives at the building with another meal, an unexpected situation imposes a difficult decision on Alvaro.

Razan Hassan, 11 min. (Germany, Syria/2018)

If you could no longer return to the place where your memories were made, would you still recall them in the same way? Razan Hassan takes us with her onto an autobiographical journey trying to recover her only record of the past, while she is trying to forge a new identity following her displacement from Syria.

Thelyia Petraki, 25 min. (Greece/2020)

Greece 1986-1987, a little before the fall of State Socialism and just at the end of the Cold War. In front of Anthi’s eyes the country is changing, the world is changing and with them Christos seems to be changing too.

Ashgan El-Hamus, 15 min. (The Netherlands/2020)

BIRDLAND is an intimate and moving film about a daughter and a mother in a trailerpark on the outskirts of a city.

Bobbie Faren Müller, 10 min. (Denmark/2019)

A girl helps four boys examine and understand why it's difficult for them to show their vulnerabilities and be open about their emotions in today's society.

Koldo Almandoz, Maria Elorza, 8 min. (Spain/2021)

"- You really loved him, didn’t you? - Yes. I stopped loving him not that long ago. (Interferences. Silences. Fissures. Two women talking. An radio-graphy)."


Risto-Pekka Blom, 7 min. (Finland/2020)

Every morning thousands of children go to school like canaries in a coal mine, measuring toxicity. The film deals with the chain of harassment and the way we all are broken in our own ways.

Jyoti Mistry, 19 min. (South Africa, Austria/2020)

Women’s bodies are always at risk. An autopsy report describes the physical impact on the body that results in death but hides the structural and recurrent violence on women’s bodies that leads to femicide.

Marine Blin, 8 min. (France/2021)

Hiding death does not make it disappear. A little girl who suffered from the silence of adults felt dispossessed of her right to mourn. As an adult, she recounts the tender gestures that bind her to the dead.

Kanas Liu, 15 min. (Hong Kong/2020)

The crisis caused by the “Extradition bill” has continued for more than one month since June 2019. As the HK government has not replied to the 5 major demands, citizens march and protest every weekend. The police continually escalates their force against protestors.

Carla Simón, Dominga Sotomayor, 19 min. (Spain, Chile/2020)

In the form of a filmed epistolary conversation, two young, experienced filmmakers discuss film, present and past family, heritage and maternity.


Henning Backhaus, 14 min. (Austria/2020)

Ingbert, the sock, applies for a position as double bass player at the Vienna State Orchestra. Bad idea.

Cyan Bae, 17 min. (The Netherlands/2020)

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a series of video letters are sent to the director’s sister in Seoul. Should we want to return to the ‘old normal’?

Abel Rubinstein, 5 min. (United Kingdom /2020)

What even is a male? Why can't I wear a dress? Fuck it. Let's have sex and worry about it later. Transgender Blake and cisgender Cane hang out, play video games and grapple with their insecurities. This is their love story.

Bálint Bíró, 21 min. (Hungary/2020)

In a rural region of Hungary close to the Serbian border, an invisible danger looms—as any villager can tell you. Figures sneak across the fields, unknown cars are spotted, dogs in yards behave strangely, and children are scared when it gets dark.


Lieke Bezemer, 6 min. (The Netherlands/2020)

ECHO portrays a mysteriously frozen world, consisting of empty landscapes, lonely trees, mythological creatures and an abandoned home. A world which, at first glance, seems similar to the world we all share together - yet feels uncanny.

Sven Spur, 16 min. (Belgium /2020)

A restless young man roves in the gay hotspots of a metropolis. Anonymous places dressed in mirrors, intense colors and kitschy decors are the landscape for this stranger in search of comfort, connection and himself.

Paul Scheufler, 19 min. (Germany /2021)

The trembling starts in his neck when Markus is getting closer to the images that have chased him for 49 years. Now he steers his motor home south, as far away from his past as possible.

Niels Devlieghere, 14 min. (Belgium /2020)

Elong E'nabe is the story of six year old Angela, a black girl with Senegalese roots born in Belgium.

Solomon Mekonen, 35 min. (Ethiopia, Germany/2018)

Emails to My Little Sister is an anthropologically intended film created as part of an MA thesis project concerning the phenomenology of Blackness in Berlin. The film, however, takes place in Ethiopia where becoming Black is reflected back on in siblings’ email conversations.

Jan Soldat, 16 min. (Austria, Germany/2020)

Instead of living in his house, Erwin spends most of his time right next to it – in a mobile home outfitted with his laptop, bed, coffee machine and television.

Thanasis Tsimpinis, 17 min. (Greece/2020)

A few hours before the world ends, two men have an unexpected encounter, while a strange pink fog is spreading throughout the city. Their romantic affair will only last for a day.


Rafael Manuel, 24 min. (Philippines, United Kingdom/2020)

The self-contained cosmos of the golf course reflects societal structures. Although new 'tee girl' Isabel still has to learn the rules, she's already looking for loopholes to subvert the system.

Nathan Fagan, Luke Daly, 21 min. (Ireland/2020)

‘Flicker’ is a portrait of Danny (Peter Newington), a typical twenty-something Dubliner, who gets assaulted one night in a city centre nightclub. Escaping the incident with only minor injuries, Danny throws himself back into his old routine.

Mitch McGlocklin, 7 min. (United States/2020)

A life insurance company uses an AI algorithm to determine the risk of a new applicant. The subsequent denial sparks a period of introspection for the individual in question.

Ophelia Spinosa, 19 min. (Canada/2020)

Interplaying the metaphor of grapes, this father-daughter documentary is characterized by the labour of love it is to make wine, but also the labour of love that is love itself.


Yotam Ben-David, 15 min. (Romania, France/2020)

An 8 years-old boy finds a dead man's body at a top of a mountain. As he knocks on the doors of the village, trying to solve the mystery, a portrait of a village is revealed - a place in transition between the traditions of the past and the violence of contemporary reality.

Fokion Xenos, 8 min. (United Kingdom, Greece/2019)

In the summertime a quirky crowd occupies a Greek Island beach.

Tebogo Malebogo, 10 min. (South Africa/2020)

After Tau comes to a realization about their sexuality, it sets in motion a cascade of thoughts and emotions in Tumelo - nothing will ever be the same between them.

Paula Rodríguez Polanco, 27 min. (France, Colombia/2020)

Fourteen-year-old Maria spends her time in the extensive tropical garden of her family house. When she meets her brother and his friend Adrian on motorcycles during the New Year celebrations, she decides to flee with them to find paradise on earth together.

Inès Eshun, 15 min. (Belgium/2018)

Esteban, a future Olympic swimmer, has grown up with a single mother and doesn't know who his father is. As he searches for his identity in this poetic short film, he determines swimming is a metaphor for life itself.

Giulia Gandini, Lily Blackham, 11 min. (United Kingdom /2019)

Lily has been homeless for a year and a half. We gave her a phone to tell us her story.

Chi-Yu Wu, 16 min. (Indonesia, Taiwan/2019)

The conception of the work is based largely on prehistoric cave paintings on Sulawesi Island, as well as fossils and remains undiscovered or still undergoing excavation in East Asia, Southeast Asia and other regions.

Caroline Cherrier, 10 min. (France/2020)

Guillaume kills Horacio “because he was shouting too loud.” At his trial, the vacuity of the motive disconcerts. During his 10 years in prison, Guillaume gradually forgets this story which had convinced no one. When he gets out, someone starts shouting again…

Léo Brunel, Loris Cavalier, Camille Jalabert, Oscar Mallet, 6 min. (France/2018)

A rescue mission goes a little pear-shaped, as two not-so-clever rescuers have to make their way down a treacherous mountain with an injured man.

Simon Helloco, James MacIver, 13 min. (France/2020)

Hugo, a young actor is asked to improvise narrating a story where he’s the actor and director at an audition. He unfolds a tale that explores sex, disease and self-emancipation.


Sameh Alaa, 15 min. (Egypt, France, Belgium, Qatar/2020)

After being separated for 82 days, Adam travels down a rough road to be reunited with the one he loves, whatever it takes.

Viv Li, 16 min. (Belgium/2020)

A wistful but witty account of a trip to Beijing by an art student who has been abroad for ten years. Her stay with her family mercilessly exposes how uprooted she has become by her life abroad.

Elsa Rosengren, 30 min. (Germany/2020)

A late-summer morning in Wrangelkiez, Berlin, Elpi, a young Greek woman, receives a phone call from a long-lost friend. As the day progresses, Elpi’s apprehensive wait for their reunion interweaves with the lives of other neighbourhood locals.

Adi Mishnayot, 30 min. (Israel/2019)

2014. Israel is at war in Gaza again. Inside an Israeli hospital, hundreds gather to boost national morale, and Uri, a wounded Israeli soldier, finds himself unwillingly turned into a war hero.

Yaron Cohen, 17 min. (The Netherlands/2020)

During a nightly journey teenagers share their experience with domestic violence and how this has defined their image of love, intimacy and parenthood. Associative images show the adolescents painful memories and a turning point to another life.

Matheus Farias, Enock Carvalho, 20 min. (Brazil /2020)

In Brazil, where a trans person is murdered every three days, Marilene searches for her daughter Roberta, a trans woman who went missing. While running out of time, she discovers a hope for the future.


Serge Onnen, Sverre Fredriksen, 16 min. (The Netherlands/2020)

There is friction in the water. An entity of nature, constantly manipulated. Something happened, when water became a 'thing' that you can buy in a bottle…

Sharon Hakim, 20 min. (France /2020)

Hantirah has his future all mapped out. Esma is a dancer, seeking for freedom. The day before Eid, their thwarted love is sung through the streets of Barbès in Paris, and in the queer cabaret where Esma performs, playgrounds of a diverse Arab youth.

Paul Nouhet, 24 min. (France/2020)

Bordeaux, 1955. City Mayor Jacques Chaban-Delmas dreams of the district of the year 2000.

Veronica L. Montaño, Manuela Leuenberger, Joel Hofmann, 6 min. (Switzerland/2020)

The salmon want to reproduce. While the salmon men are swimming upstream in a testosterone-driven race, the women at the source of the river indulge themselves in a fertility dance. But the roles aren’t set as clearly as the men expect.

Mauricio Maldonado, 16 min. (Colombia/2020)

On the foggy slopes of mysteriously deserted roads, Deivis, an isolated teenager finds an accidented body. A young man that belongs to the world of the dead, will be the only bridge to find a group of people that will put an end to his loneliness.

Foued Mansour, 30 min. (France/2019)

One day Ahmed, employed at the public baths and nearing retirement, encounters Mike, a teenager adrift. Between the bath house walls, in a place on the point of disappearing, a strange relationship will develop between these two fractured souls.

Saïd Hamich, 25 min. (France /2020)

Morocco, 2004. That summer, 11-year-old Adil spends his days playing with his gang of friends and waiting for the last Olympic Games of his idol, the runner Hicham El Guerrouj.

Marjolaine Perreten, 7 min. (France, Belgium, Switzerland/2019)

The animals of the forest intend to have one final great race before winter arrives. On an assortment of odd bikes, scooters and wagons, they embark on their race.

Nolwenn Roberts, 7 min. (France/2018)

On a sunny spring morning, a small mouse named Sam decides to make his dream come true.

Raul ‘Robin’ Morales Reyes, 8 min. (France, Switzerland/2018)

A little tiger decides to take a long journey in search of his stripes.

Maxime Martinot, 8 min. (France/2020)

"One day, one hundred and fifty years ago, thousands of antelopes threw themselves into the sea together"

Quý Truong Minh, 15 min. (France, Singapore/2021)

In mining, a slag heap refers to an artificially raised hill consisting of the cleared waste that accumulates during the extraction of raw materials. Birch trees now grow where workers from near and far once went underground to labour hard for very little money.

Manuel Marini, 13 min. (Italy/2020)

Lucia owns a family olive grove together with her brother Donato, but her trees have stopped producing as they once did because of a parasite that caused most of the trees to dry out.

Joder von Rotz, 8 min. (Switzerland/2021)

Little Miss Fate lives in a world driven by fate. When the opportunity arises, she slips into the role of the world leader. Unintentionally she creates a monster, which greedily wants to suck up all the love of the world. Overwhelmed by the rapid development, she loses control.

Akinola Davies, 18 min. (United Kingdom /2020)

An 8-year-old girl with an ability to sense danger gets ejected from Sunday school service. She unwittingly witnesses the underbelly in and around a Mega Church in Lagos.


Stavros Markoulakis, 18 min. (Greece/2020)

After an important surgery, Maria returns to her family home, in order to recover. Living with her mother, her sister and a newborn baby. While Maria’s body starts healing, a deeply hidden desire of hers surfaces.

Vincent Tilanus, 20 min. (The Netherlands/2020)

Best friends, Cas and Naomi are graduating from high school and spend every second of their days together. Within their friendship they experience a feeling of ultimate safety. But when their future plans are seemingly different, their relationship wobbles.

Louis Hothothot, 14 min. (China, The Netherlands/2019)

“Mr. Hu” is a portrait-film, an homage to a man, a story about a life like many others. Due to the conflicts in the Middle East, the collapsing economies and the fluctuating oil prices, Mr. Hu immigrated from Hong Kong to The Netherlands.

Antoine Chapon, 19 min. (France/2020)

A former military game designer was spotted in a video game competition organized by the army. Before going to war, he made video game scenarios that prepared soldiers to cultural shocks and healed trauma.


Reza Riahi, 15 min. (France/2020)

At the time of the attack of the Mongols, a young musician and the love of his life are separated from each other. Fifty years later, the musician is summoned to perform at the castle of the Mongols where his beloved is being held.

Baloji, 5 min. (France/2019)

Ancestral patterns combined with modern prejudices and stigma explain skin bleaching.

Che-Hsien Su, 15 min. (Taiwan/2020)

Ah Fei, a Vietnamese who left home to work in Taiwan, escapes from his Taiwanese employer in hope to earn more money to send back home.One day, he runs into Ah Hai, a police patrol officer, at the beach.By the beach, nine shots were eventually fired at Ah Fei.

Jérémy van der Haegen , 31 min. (Belgium/2020)

“Stories Keep Me Awake At Night” is the portrait of day-to-day childhood. A village, a family, a little boy who likes to wear dresses, the return of the wolf and everyday life, ordinary, banal. These elements are used to tell of hidden desires.


Leonardo Martinelli, 10 min. (Brazil /2020)

In the near future, the climate crisis reaches an irreversible point. A nun and a priest meet to talk about the disappearance of insects.

Wang Yuyan, 12 min. (France/2021)

One Thousand and One Attempts to Be an Ocean reflects on the experience of not being able to see the world with depth perception. Made up of micro- events from "satisfying video" that swarm on the internet, the abstract narrative unfolds through an appropriation way by referring to trance and minimal music.

Filip Pošivač, Barbora Valecka, 11 min. (Czech Republic, Slovakia/2019)

The world will soon be underwater and anyone who is not on Noah’s Ark will perish. There are only cabins available for selected animals...


Ann Oren, 13 min. (Germany /2020)

A foley artist creates sounds for a film starring a dressage horse and dissolves into his own imitation. Shot on 16mm film, PASSAGE winks at Eadweard Muybridge’s pre-cinematic experiments with horses.

Yngwie Boley, J.J. Epping, Diana van Houten, 10 (Netherlands/2020)

A dangerous intruder gives Pilar the chance to discover the wild animal within and the means to escape the post-apocalyptic village she lives in.

Sofia Bohdanowicz, 18 min. (Canada/2020)

Devastated after the death of a friend, a young woman attempts to extract meaning from this intense loss as she discovers signs in her daily life and through encounters with the art of Hilma af Klint and Wassily Kandinsky.


Sofia Alaoui, 24 min. (France, Morocco/2020)

High in the Atlas Mountains, the young shepherd Abdellah and his father are hemmed in by snow at their goat pen. Their animals are wasting away. Abdellah must go to find supplies at a market village more than a day's walk away.


Ratchapoom Boonbunchachoke, 30 min. (Thailand/2020)

The queer espionage film made in the tradition of Cold-War-era Thai dubbed film. A ladyboy prostitute-cum-spy is assigned a mission to disguise as a cis-masculine gay to acquire important information from an idealistic student activist.


Josué García Prado, 18 min. (Guatemala/2021)

“Sarna” reflects on the human condition in a non-human environment. A story of howls, barks and desolate glances in the outskirts of the Pan American Highway where most of its inhabitants are stray dogs that roam erratically through the gray and melancholic streets.

Kent Chan, 11 min. (Singapore, The Netherlands/2019)

Colonialism and modernity, tropics and the arts. In 1955, Ho Kok Hoe, then president of the Singapore Art Society made a months-long journey to the UK, Europe and the US. An artist and architect of local repute, curatorial legend has it that he embarked on the journey...

Katarina Rešek, 23 min. (Slovenia/2021)

Three best friends, sworn virgins, get into a fight with local boys. When things get rough, they are saved by girl in the becoming.

Xavier Seron, 21 min. (Belgium /2020)

FLO has to go to Marrakech for work. So, it’s TOM who takes care of SAM, their 5-year-old son. Flo left him a list of tasks to complete during his absence. Despite this, Tom forgot Sam’s guitar course.

Weijia Ma, 15 min. (France, China/2020)

Lu and Wei are two young girls living in a village nestled on the banks of a river. As the one-child policy has led some families to drown baby girls, they both have a special relationship with this river, which looks like a cradle of tragic stories.

Ilias El Faris, 10 min. (France, Morocco/2020)

Casablanca's beach, Morocco. Teenager's desire for each other is growing discreetly. Adults and children oversee. A fight creates a diversion.

Dorian Jespers, 20 min. (Belgium, Russia/2020)

Fedor is a young locksmith in Murmansk, a frozen city in the obscurity of the Russian Arctic. Client after client, he roams through the alleys of concrete animated by a fantasy that isolates him from the city and its population.


Magnus Igland Møller, Mette Tange, Peter Smith, 7 min. (Denmark/2020)

God is a single parent and amateur programmer. He’s working on project ‘Earth’ but never seems to get a break from the kids. One day though, he finally gets a breakthrough

Jacqueline Lentzou, 14 min. (Greece/2020)

Sofia is panicky, again. The Universe decides to contact her. An other-wordly dialogue. A planet symphony for Mars, where people dream awake and fight for love.

Laila Pakalnina, 12 min. (Latvia/2020)

Krāslava bridge is the first bridge over the river Daugava in the territory of Latvia - gate for the Daugava river from Belarus to Latvia.

Alisi Telengut, 7 min. (Canada, Germany/2020)

Based on the ancient animistic beliefs and nature-worshipping rituals in Mongolia and Siberia, the film explores the indigenous worldview and wisdom: Nature is the homeland of human being.

Martin Smatana, 13 min. (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland/2019)

The Kite is a short puppet animated film for kids. It talks about the issue of death, but in a simple metaphoric and symbolic way.

David Pinheiro Vicente, 15 min. (Portugal, France/2020)

The summer festivities of a Portuguese village are suffused with sensuality and violence in this enigmatic portrait of a tightly knit family.

Linhan Zhang, 14 min. (Hong Kong/2020)

A Hong Kong hitman retires as a fisherman on the peaceful Grass Island. One day, his Chinese apprentice shows up, tasked to kill him before the last ferry departs.

Su Hui-Yu, 16 min. (Taiwan/2020)

Following The Glamorous Boys of Tang (2018), The Women’s Revenge is the latest iteration of Su Hui-yu’s ‘Re-shooting’ series where he resurrects the ghosts of Taiwanese film history through dynamic re-enactment.

Mouaad el Salem, 26 min. (Tunisia, Belgium/2020)

A day that could also be a life. A young man who could also be an older woman. A nightmare that could also be a dream.

Natália Azevedo Andrade, 10 min. (Hungary/2020)

Three young children, bored and neglected, live off the adventures they create in their own heads, until a day comes when they try to reach the outside. The mother, always busy, seems completely emotionally detached from her surroundings.

Belle Phromchanya, 12 min. (Thailand, The Netherlands/2020)

Though the mountains divide, And the oceans are wide is a short video essay on the interrelation between childhood encounters and current realities through a personal story of the artist - Belle Phromchanya - who has moved from Thailand to the Netherlands in her adulthood.

Mark Waters, 21 min. (United Kingdom /2020)

In the sixteen years that Felix has grown up he's had to contend with the unpredictable and consuming nature of Tourette's Disorder, all whilst navigating the usual tribulations of adolescence. He wants to share his story and break the stigma.

Johann G. Louis, 21 min. (France/2019)

A national road not very transient, a hotel on probation, a road restaurant from another time. A young woman, Daphne, drives through these desert landscapes.

Tristan Aymon, 29 min. (Switzerland/2020)

When young skateboarder Vincent meets a vulnerable animal at the bottom of a hole, the encounter will get him to confront his own fears of the unknown.


Simon Filliot, 13 min. (France/2020)

Who wouldn't give their all for a child? A mother sees an opportunity to escape the hardships of a life of poverty by selling her organs to a sick, very rich, elderly neighbor. And she hands over her own flesh in exchange for gold. Little by little, necessity gives way to a craving for more gold.

Ville Koskinen, 18 min. (Estonia/2021)

Under Control shows the human action from the insect's level. A A A botanical garden is an artificial nature-like installation where each room has its own microclimate. Despite human attempts to control the environment, pests are spreading and eating the plants all over the garden.

Vika Kirchenbauer, 13 min. (Germany/2020)

An essay film that approaches trauma-related memory loss via reflections on light outside the visible spectrum, considering violence and its workings, class and queerness not through representation but from within.


Léo Bittencourt, 19 min. (Brazil /2021)

The night side of a modernist icon. The fauna and flora of Roberto Burle Marx's gardens inhabited by visitors to Parque do Flamengo while the city of Rio de Janeiro falls asleep. "Fireflies" is a fabulated ethnography of the night at Flamengo's Park.

Julie Rembauville, Nicolas Bianco-Levrin, 8 min. (France/2020)

While his wife believes him at a corporate seminar in Paris, Jean-Luc is sitting on a boat moving in the bayou somewhere in Louisiana. He has an appointment with the voodoo wizard Richardson. This wizard is known for solving all the problems.

Ricardo Alves Jr., 15 min. (Brazil /2020)

Vitória decides to stop taking the abuse at the factory and goes in search of someone who will listen to female workers. Made with employees from a textile company in rural Minas Gerais. An urgent story, now that Brazil's extreme right-wing government is destroying social structures at a rapid rate.


Alexandra Májová, 5 min. (Czech Republic/2020)

Wash and love.

Ario Motevaghe, 7 min. (Iran/2020)

Moniri and Kheradmand family are in park for a picnic. But after finishing their meal, it is revealed that they are here for something else.

Morad Mostafa, 25 min. (Egypt/2021)

Mariam goes to a public hospital with her husband and daughter; bleeding and suffering from a severe pain in her abdomen. After the medical examination things escalate between Mariam and her husband.

Festus Toll, 20 min. (The Netherlands/2020)

A director, born in the Netherlands, travels to Kenya for a poetical exploration of 'home' for three generations of his family: his uncle, himself and his newborn newphew Genson.

Tomer Shushan, 20 min. (Israel/2020)

A man finds his stolen bicycle and it now belongs to a stranger. In his attempts to retrieve the bicycle, he struggles to remain human.

Giovanni Giaretta, 8 (Netherlands/2020)

The video investigates the complex relationship between language and cultural identity in our contemporary times. Instead of considering languages as simple communication tools, here they become viruses able to contaminate each other shaping new identities and geographies.


Sarra El Abed, 19 min. (Canada/2020)

Tunis, November 2019. A group of women is gathered at Saïda’s, the hairdresser, on the eve of the presidential election. The salon is transformed into a town square, mirroring the internal turmoil of the country. In this female sanctuary, we get an intimate look at the county’s teenage democracy.

Begoña Arostegui, 13 min. (Spain/2020)

For our hero, every day looks the same. Or maybe they are too much alike: the same routines repeated over and over again. One day, a simple board that says "Park" will make everything shake.

Mohamed Hossameldin, 14 min. (Italy/2018)

Yousef is a successful cook, the son of immigrants, who grew up in Italy. After a long wait he manages to obtain the Italian citizenship, a few days after the attacks at Macerata. Yousef's certainties start to falter, leading him to a real identity crisis.