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Jean-Gabriel Périot, 4 minutes (FR/2012)

A film about politics and tomatoes.

Mahdi Fleifel, 15 minutes (UK/DK/LB/2020)

A sociological meditation on the different “exits” that young Palestinians choose, in order to cope with life in the refugee camps.

Hiball, 17 minutes (AU/2019)

A portrait of a place. The lives of a visiting tourist couple intertwine with the local youth of an Australian coastal town over 24 hours, displayed in a series of increasingly surreal vignettes.

Franz Milec, 19 minutes (CZ/2019)

The dark future is already here, we only need to invest in current trends of decay and disruption.

Adrian Silisteanu, 17 minutes (RO/2019)

Sporadic gunshots echo among the ruins of a village which, though abandoned, is an objective of great import for the Romanian government.

Bahar Noorizadeh, 32 minutes (CH/2018)

After Scarcity is a sci-fi essay film that tracks Soviet cyberneticians (1950s – 1980s) in their attempt to build a fully-automated planned economy.

Lasse Linder, 18 minutes (CH/2019)

Christian lives with his two cats Marmelade and Katjuscha. As he is yearning to become a father, he decides to fertilize his beloved cat Marmelade by an exquisite tomcat from abroad.

Efthimis Kosemund Sanidis, 25 minutes (GR/2019)

Men set birds free on the mountains. Two grieving, estranged brothers try their marksmanship together with their sons.

Max Baggerman, 21 minutes (NL/2019)

What is work? Everyone works and has to work. The 40-hour workweek is a standard in our capitalistic society.

Dekel Berenson, 15 minutes (UA/IL/UK/2019)

Living in war-torn Eastern Ukraine, Anna is an aging single mother who is desperate for a change.

Alexander Gratzer, 7 minutes (Austria/2019)

While two uniformed guards divulge themselves as spineless beings, animals carry on philosophical dialogues about important existential issues.

Andrée-Anne Roussel, 19 minutes (CA/2019)

Hyo-Jin attends the funeral of her younger sister in South Korea, her homeland.

Maja Gehrig, 7 minutes (CH/2019)

During a PowerPoint presentation, statistical diagrams are breaking free from the strait-jacket of their coordinates.


Randa Maroufi, 19 minutes (FR/MA/2019)

BAB SEBTA is a series of reconstructions of situations observed in Ceuta, a Spanish enclave on Moroccan soil.

Sarah Blok, Lisa Konno, 14 minutes (NL/2020)

Captivating portrait of one of the first Turkish immigrants in the Dutch cultural sector, interviewed by his daughter amid a colourful fashion collection inspired by his life.

Caio Castor, Clara Lazarim, Guilherme Cesar, Rica Saito, 15 minutes (BR/AR/2019)

A tragicomic illustration of the absurdity of contemporary politics, brought into painfully sharp focus in a single unplanned shot.

Manuel Abramovich, 19 minutes (DE/2019)

What are you up to tonight? Do you want me? We could have fun together...

Carlota Bujosa Cortés, 19 minutes (ES/2019)

"Bubota" (Ghosts) is a review of one's own history, my roots and belonging made from familiar images that I had never seen before.


Jeff Frost, 25 minutes (US/2018)

California on Fire is a video and sound artwork by southern Californian artist Jeff Frost. It uses the catastrophic effects of climate change as a backdrop to examine the experience of grief and loss.

Oliver Ressler, 33 minutes (AT/CH/NO/2020)

For decades, nation states and politicians have proven unable to decarbonize the economy.

Camila Kater, 12 min. (Brazil, Spain/2019)

Rare, medium rare, medium, medium well and well done. Through intimate and personal stories, five women share their experiences in relation to the body, from childhood to old age.

Eliott Chabanis, 13 minutes (FR/BF/2019)

In the heart of the city of Ouagadougou, a huge granite crater imprisons men who try their best to get out of it. In the end, only their image will emerge.

Simon Gionet, 11 minutes (CA/2020)

During her night shift at the remote gas station, a female clerk agrees to help a man whose car broke down.

Alexey Pochivalov, 7 minutes (RU/2019)

"Story about an unusual chess game..."

Gusztáv Hámos, Katja Pratschke, 30 minutes (DE/2020)

Cities (Territories & Occupation) thematize "the city" divided into districts, neighborhoods, zones and domains, marked by inner-city borderlines.

Filip Diviak, Zuzana Čupová, 5 minutes (CZ/2019)

Mr. Gnome is sunbathing in his garden when suddenly a little cloud hides the sun. Mr. Gnome is pretty annoyed but, fortunately, he knows precisely what to do with such clouds.

Jessica Kingdon, 10 minutes (US/CN/2017)

COMMODITY CITY is an observational documentary which takes place in the Yiwu Markets - the largest wholesale consumer goods market in the world.


Daria Kashcheeva, 15 minutes (CZ/2019)

Should you hide your pain? Close yourself inside your inner world, full of longing for your father’s love and its displays? Or should you understand and forgive before it is too late?

Tabita Rezaire, 19 minutes (ZA/2017)

It may feel as if the internet is up in the clouds, but in actual fact it's at the bottom of the ocean, in the form of 880,000 kilometers of fiber-optic cables.

Jocelyn Charles, Jules Bourgès, Nathan Harbonn-Viaud, Pierre Rougemont, 8 minutes (FR/2019)

A brilliant scientist sees his convictions crumble during a picnic at the lake.

Fabio Liberti, Carl Olsson, 8 minutes (SE/2019)

The scene is set, familiar and unfamiliar at once. Two men engaged in a gaze magnetic enough to lock their lips and pull them to stand.

Lulú Vieira, 9 minutes (CO/2019)

Emma, a 6-year-old girl, gets up one morning and discovers that a sheep has escaped from her dreams and is jumping on her bed.

Angello Faccini, Guille Isa, 11 minutes (US/CO/2018)

In a remote coastal village in Colombia, a little girl named Dulce is learning to swim. Her mother is trying to help her, but Dulce is scared and wailing inconsolably.


Marit Weerheijm, 10 minutes (NL/2019)

When Inay (9) and her little brother have to join their father on a special trip through the city, she tries everything to cause a delay.

Mark Jenkin, 36 minutes (UK/2016)

Transcending a portrait of place, the quiet, eternal rhythms of the small fishing cove Penberth are caught, landed and served up in this stark and gentle handcrafted celluloid poem.

Laura Engelhardt, 14 minutes (DE/2019)

Entrance and Exit of Mascha B. follows a young woman through a digital transformation process.


Jan Vejnar, 14 minutes (FR/CZ/2019)

A man follows a group of workers coming for daywork in an industrial area.

Adrian Pop, 18 minutes (CA/IN/2019)

This short experimental documentary follows two men in Varanasi, India, a woodcutter and a ceremonial haircutter as they go about their duties, preparing for a daily 3000-year-old Hindu cremation ceremony.

Kristoffer Borgli, 12 minutes (US/2020)

After a woman escapes the captivity of her abusive family, a magazine invites her to a journalistic experiment: to hear music for the first time.


Saulius Baradinskas, 10 minutes (LT/2019)

When a heart attack strikes, a person has exactly ten minutes to be saved by the people around him. In medicine, this short period of time is called “Golden Minutes”.

Yevgeniya Zhirkova, 5 minutes (RU/2018)

In one primeval forest lives one primitive family. Mom is strict, wild and gloomy in this family.

Teddy Cherim, 27 minutes (NL/2019)

The stylised fashion documentary Goodwill Dumping brings the enormity of the industry surrounding donated secondhand clothing to light.

Jorge Cantos, 25 minutes (ES/2019)

It is said he has someone locked up. People have seen him looking over from the other side of the fence. That kid will disappear any day.


Mark Jenkin, 17 minutes (UK/2019)

A dark drama of poetry and the power of voices from beyond the grave.

Fokion Xenos, 8 minutes (UK/GR/2019)

In the summertime a quirky crowd occupies a Greek Island beach.

Enrique Buleo, 10 minutes (ES/2019)

A stack of self-help books. A few calendars with pictures of naked women. An illegal store. A costume of Sancho Panza. A young woman who suffers.

Melisa Liebenthal, 22 min. (France, Argentina/2020)

Here and There is an essay film that studies what being at home means.

Parsa Bozorgani, 8 minutes (IR/2019)

A few years back, a video of stray dogs being killed by acid injection by council workers in Shiraz(Iran) went viral.

Ross McClean, 16 minutes (UK/IE/2019)

Governing the Northern Irish countryside, Hydebank Wood currently houses 104 young male offenders.


Yaser Kassab, 20 minutes (SY/LB/2019)

After talking about the end of the war in Syria and the start of the reconstruction phase, Yaser and his family find themselves compelled to deal with the transfer of graves from public parks in Aleppo.

Kim Kokosky Deforchaux, 12 minutes (NL/2019)

In the gloomy Dutch countryside of the 1950s a lonely eight-year-old boy drags himself to school and back every day.

Jorge Furtado, 13 minutes (BR/1989)

The ironic, heartbreaking and acid "saga" of a spoiled tomato: from the plantation of ...

Ivana Bosnjak, Thomas Johnson, 12 minutes (HR/2019)

Imbued Life is a film about a young woman's connection with the life force of nature.

Sarah & Charles, 10 minutes (BE/2019)

An animated conversation, both literally and figuratively, based on interviews with patients and care providers at a psychosocial hospital.

Sheridan Tamayo-Henderson, 3 minutes (CA/2019)

A black and white, handprocessed 16mm film mixed with direct animation. The film plays with paradoxes of motion and anxieties in contemplating the commuter life.

Michael Toledano, Sam Vinal, 18 minutes (CA/2019)

In this era of “reconciliation with Indigenous Nations”, native land is still being taken at gunpoint.

Sergio Barón, 20 minutes (CO/2019)

135.072 frames form the audiovisual inventory of a life edited by the images.

Cristèle Alves Meira, 28 minutes (PT/FR/2019)

Duarte, a blind man in his 50’s, starts to look for his Cape Verdean friend, Leandro, who mysteriously disappeared.


Gar O'Rourke, 9 minutes (IE/2020)

A journey into the heart of what is widely considered the world's most hardcore gym - Kiev's enormous open-air "Kachalka" gym.

Ryushi Lindsay, 11 minutes (JP/2019)

Literalising the titular term roughly translatable as ‘body politic’, Kokutai examines the spectacular aesthetics of Japan's biannual national high school baseball tournaments.

Victoria Warmerdam, 13 minutes (NL/2019)

Short Calf Muscle is an absurdist black comedy about Anders. And Anders is different.


Enea Zucchetti, 11 minutes (CH/2019)

A silent city, mysteriously deprived of inhabitants, is crossed by a man who has come from a faraway country.

Andreas Gruetzner, 5 minutes (DE/2019)

An experimental montage of footage from 1973, shot in an Institution in Hamburg/Germany, where back then people lived, who were judged to be mentally sick.

Lisa Fonderflick, 2 minutes (ES/2019)

The last Summer Ray (Le dernier Rayon de l'Été) is a visual anthology of the last days of summer.

Raul ‘Robin’ Morales Reyes, 8 minutes (FR/CH/2018)

A little tiger decides to take a long journey in search of his stripes.

NEOZOON, 15 minutes (FR/DE/2017)

The found footage film "Love goes through your stomach" is dedicated to nutrition and the human relationship to "production animals“.


Vincent Sparreboom, 13 minutes (NL/2019)

While on the verge of a manic episode, the mother of the director gets involved in a suspicious internet relationship.

Alberto Flores Vilca, 18 minutes (AR/BO/PE/2020)

In the Peruvian highlands, he lives with his dog, Honorata Vilca, an illiterate woman of Quechua descent, dedicated to the sale of sweets.

Nelson Yeo, 15 minutes (SG/2019)

Repurposing and manipulating footage from two classic films and the filmmaker’s own personal footage.

Leeha Kim, 7 minutes (KR/2019)

A fox wants to become a city mascot and studies at the Mascot training academy. He lives in a tiny house, juggles with many part-time jobs, and has to take out a loan to finance plastic surgery.

Firas El Hallak, 6 minutes (LB/2020)

A portrait of a migrant worker in Lebanon.

Max Philipp Schmid, 14 minutes (CH/2019)

Has the catastrophe already happened or is it about to? Two men and a woman sit in their bunker-like apartments, as if they were in a waiting room.

Adina Camhy, 8 minutes (AT/2019)

A real-life story becomes the starting point for a cinematic reflection that leads from the personal to the political.

Iona Roisin, 4 minutes (FI/RU/2019)

In 'Muistatko (a method)' a singer attempts to decipher a song they are singing in a language they do not speak.


Ben Voit, 14 minutes (DE/2019)

Cold times, people are looking for a place to sleep.

Daniel Jacoby, 16 minutes (NL/PE/2019)

A couple of years ago, Christian moved to Cocachimba: a poor village in the high jungle of Peru.

Chia-Hsuan Yu, 29 minutes (TW/2019)

Living at her grandma's house - converted into a secret gambling den - a girl faces constant harassment as she struggles to earn money to pay for her upcoming graduation trip.

Andrea Vinciguerra, 3 minutes (UK/2019)

In these dark times, you may think that every hazard has been identified, but nobody has taken in consideration how dangerous dance can be…

Sarah Blok, Lisa Konno, 9 minutes (NL/2018)

NOBU is a personal portrait of a lighthearted Japanese immigrant.

Nelson Makengo, 18 minutes (CD/BE/2019)

"Nocturnal Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is illuminated with thousands of cheap portable LEDs.


Ariane Labed, 27 min. (France/2019)

After answering an ad on a dating website for Eastern European women, Olla leaves Ukraine and heads to French suburbia to move in with Pierre, who lives with his elderly mother. However, the suburbia cannot temper her desires, and nothing goes as expected.

Ondrej Erban, 16 minutes (CZ/2019)

Right now almost one in ten Czechs over the age of 15 faces the prospect of having property seized due to their failure to pay a debt.


Angie Obeid, 22 minutes (BE/LB/2019)

Pacific is the name of the building where the director lives, on the 18th floor. Also known as “the suicide tower”, it is a typical example of collective housing.

Momoko Seto, 10 minutes (FR/2011)

Somewhere in the Universe, the PLANET Z. A miracle happens. A water jet springs up and gives birth to a new life: plants.

Tyler Macri, 14 minutes (US/2019)

Elizabeth, ten years old, lives with her reclusive mother in a dilapidated apartment where fish infest the piping, surfacing by way of a drain in the bathtub.

Rati Tsiteladze, 16 minutes (GE/2018)

What it means to be a stranger in your own home and country? Prisoner of Society is an intimate journey into the world...

Melanie Bonajo, 49 min. (Netherlands/2017)

Melanie Bonajo's work, Progress vs Sunsets (2017) examines progress in relation to extinction; extinction of vulnerable groups through technological development, but also extinction in a more abstract sense, extinction of feelings or thought forms that impact our understanding of nature.

Michael Portnoy, 13 minutes (AT/NL/US/2020)

Can you fu*k to an irregular beat? Progressive Touch 1 depicts three moody, absurdist love scenes in which the goal is to "improve" sex by complicating its rhythm and choreography.

Elena Kondratieva, 28 minutes (RU/2019)

In this large family, everybody, both teenagers and adults, yearn for sex. Inna is in her 50s and recently divorced. She is a famous midwife and a specialist in natural childbirth, yet, despite all of her achievements, Inna feels unhappy.


Paulo Furtado, 11 minutes (PT/2019)

"Quantic Love" is a film with three parallel narratives, involving the same woman, without the existence of a clear chronological order.

Cris Lyra, 27 minutes (BR/2019)

A group of friends from São Paulo go on a trip to a remote beach.


Elene Naveriani, 23 minutes (CH/2019)

In Georgia, two stranded Nigerians, Obinna and Afame, navigate the sleeping city of Tbilisi after a long night out.

Jules van Hulst, Douwe Dijkstra, 20 minutes (NL/2020)

In a multi screen collage of visual experiments a longing for tribal habits is explored. Rituals We Wish We Had is a film about being homesick for a place you have never been.

Nathalie Saugeon, 19 minutes (FR/2019)

The death of Roberto, the canary, forces a family to come to terms with their own grief.


Luke Lorentzen, 19 minutes (US/CO/2014)

Santa Cruz del Islote is a three-acre island fifty miles off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia.

Jeon Seungbae, 7 minutes (KR/2018)

Five families live in a block of flats where the thin walls lead to more and more quarrels.

Francois Verster, Simon Wood, 13 minutes (US/ZA/2018)

What happens when a major metropolitan area runs out of water? In Cape Town, South Africa, residents fear the arrival of “Day Zero,” when the city’s taps will be shut off.

Dávid Štumpf, Michaela Mihályi, 13 minutes (CZ/SK/FR/2019)

The caretaker exhausted by everything, his frustrated wife and one totally depressed deer. Their mutual despair leads them to absurd events, because shit happens all the time.

Qiu Yang, 20 minutes (CN/FR/2019)

In an ordinary Chinese winter, a small city junior high student, YU, tries to quit her school aerobic dancing team.

Kwesi M. Junsan, 5 minutes (PH/2019)

siti drayber (City Driver) retells the day-to-day experiences of city drivers in Manila.

Mathilde Lavenne, 16 minutes (FR/ES/2020)

The sun is reflected in an Andalusian thermo-solar power plant whose architecture reminds us of ancient alchemical engravings.

Sandra Jovanovska, 9 minutes (SI/2019)

Situated in a strange, trashy universe, the story revolves around two people; a taxidermist and a butcher.

Pham Thien An, 14 minutes (VN/KR/US/2020)

A motorbike crash happening before the street stalls on a street corner was embedded in the mysterious story of three young men.


Laure Giappiconi, La Fille Renne, Elisa Monteil, 13 minutes (FR/2020)

In a 3 movement narrative, the movie draws the journey through a woman's sexuality, in all its roughness and softnesses.

Marie-Pierre Hauwelle, 11 minutes (FR/2019)

There’s nothing unusual about receiving a package in the post. ‘Yes, but...what if...?’

Vasilis Kekatos, 9 minutes (GR/FR/2019)

Night, national road. Two strangers meet for the first time at an old gas station.

Alex Evstigneev, 20 minutes (RU/2019)

How to make a movie on a subject that is not allowed to be filmed?

Martin Smatana, 13 minutes (CZ/SK/PL/2019)

The Kite is a short puppet animated film for kids. It talks about the issue of death, but in a simple metaphoric and symbolic way.

Barbara Rupik, 9 minutes (PL/2019)

A dead body became stuck by a river bank. Its decaying insides still hide a human soul - a miniature of the deceased.

Johanna Pyykkö, 26 minutes (NO/PH/2019)

During a trip to the Philippines middle-aged Norwegian Lars has met the Filipina he wants share his life with, but to his surprise she turns him down.

Nikolina Bogdanović, 9 minutes (HR/2018)

In the 1950s, my grandmother's sister moved to Germany with her husband. The photographs she was sending documented their new life in the West.

Mahasen Nasser-Eldin, 20 minutes (PS/2019)

On 26 October 1929, Palestinian women launched their women’s movement in Jerusalem and protested at the British High Commissioner’s bias against Arabs in the Buraq uprising.

Shasha Huang, 30 minutes (CN/2020)

In a village in southern China, a solitary old carpenter makes a wooden-framed mirror by hand, but the person who ordered the mirror has been lost.

Evgenia Golubeva, 5 minutes (RU/2020)

An aging witch needs a baby for a spell to make her young again. But when she brings home an infant princess things don't go to plan.

Nadir Bouhmouch, 7 minutes (MA/2018)

A rebellion in the Rif mountains has shaken the Moroccan state, hundreds have been arrested.

Chintis Lundgren, 18 minutes (HR/EE/FR/2019)

After losing a well paid engineering job, Toomas, a young hot wolf, gets cornered into working as a gigolo to support his family.

Yuri Muraoka, 7 minutes (JP/2019)

The portrait of me and my daughters which depicts the relationship between “the personality” and “the world / the society” as of 2018.

Patricia Werneck Ribas, 10 minutes (NL/2020)

Tribal Affairs combines footage of native Germans dancing in a tent with audio and subtitled observations from the women of Baniwa ethnicity. Here, they are viewers, too.


Danski Tang, 7 minutes (US/2019)

This piece is an animated documentary exploring how my mother’s abusive relationship with my father shaped my own experiences in a boarding school as a child in China.

NEOZOON, 5 minutes (FR/DE/2013)

Unboxing Eden is a YouTube collage about snake breeders and their animals. The video documents the arrival, the breeding and the handling of snakes in all shapes and sizes.

Meghna Gupta, 14 minutes (UK/2012)

Unravel' follows the Western worlds least wanted clothes, on a journey across Northern India, from sea to industrial interior.


Isabel Lamberti, 23 minutes (NL/2019)

FATHER investigates the relationship between a father and his adolescent son with whom he has barely been in touch for nearly six years.


Viktor Hertz, 3 minutes (SE/2014)

There is so much to feel guilty about nowadays, when you think about it.

Mohamed Berro, 34 minutes (LB/2020)

"What side on earth do I work for?" Lebanese filmmaker Mohamed Berro asks himself as he explores the links between culture, politics and ecology.

Daniel Asadi Faezi, 8 minutes (DE/2019)

Lake Urmia in Northern Iran was once the biggest lake of the Middle East.

Aline Höchli, 11 min. (Switzerland/2019)

Slugs have a hard time keeping up with the pace of life in the city of insects. When a financial crisis hits, the industrious bees only see one solution.

Anu-Laura Tuttelberg, 9 minutes (EE/2019)

Scenes of the dance of life and death in the lush tropical nature as it is lived day by day, year by year, by the magical creatures that inhabit the wilderness of our dreams.

Sara Chong, Yanyun Chen, 5 minutes (SG/2019)

Women in Rage imagines the anger of mythical female monstrosities—Medusa, Pontianak, Rokurokubi, Venus, Lilith and many other ladies


Vincent Sparreboom, 12 minutes (NL/2019)

Estera is twenty now, so she must get married, her small-town family thinks. Estera obliges, but there is a trace of doubt on her face.


Baloji, 15 minutes (BE/CD/2019)

A two-part music video on the pervasiveness of mobile technology.