Our theme ‘Climate (In)justice’ seeks to highlight how existing inequalities are exacerbated by climate collapse, disproportionately affecting people living in poverty, people of colour, and those in low-lying regions and arid lands. Many of these inequalities were magnified in the wake of the global coronavirus lockdowns, and further amplified by the wave of Black Lives Matter protests. It was clear to our team that there is indeed little ‘justice’ occurring across the globe. As a result, we decided to add the prefix (In)Justice to show how our current practices and ways of living are merely exacerbating existing inequalities and are doing little to drive the necessary change to create a future beyond crisis. On the path towards a just recovery, we look to new ways of visualizing our world, as we lend a hand and give voice to those whose voices are being suppressed, helping to extend their knowledge across borders via the screened image.

For the 2020 edition, we developed four sessions that explicitly pertained to some of these issues, alongside three side events in collaboration with our location partners Museum de Lakenhal, Old School and DeBuurt 1.5.

Text by Jamil Fiorino Habib