Held at Het Leidse Volkshuis, with the Leiden Observatory’s Mobile Planetarium and VR films by RYOT and Submarine. The festival also hosted three art installations & performances:

Exhibition Space Dialogue: Based on a main artwork created by video artists from Leiden, Inge Reisberman and Michiel Keller, the exhibition will display a dialogue between their work and outside artistic responses. The main theme will be the “dialogue” between geographies and generations.

A Letter From Your Prime Minister: This project responds to the open letter by the current Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, sent a to the Dutch public. The letter suggestively spoke of migrants in multiple negative ways, telling them to ‘go away’ if they do not behave in a ‘normal’ way. The letter spoke of migrants negatively, suggesting that the migrants should „go away“ if they do not behave „normally“ The installation by Brigitte Borm, Dorien Pfauth and Gemma Groot experiments with the idea of what would happen if every Dutch citizen had physically received this letter, in particular people with a migrant background. We invite the visitors to start their own dialogue with the Prime Minister by responding to his choice to write this open letter.

Performance Art / Dance Films: As part of LISFE’s art program, there will be a selection of Performance Art and Dance Films arranged on several different screens. From experimental to contemporary dance, to documentary style dance, this installation promises to be a great film experience for everyone who enjoys dance and the moving arts.