LISFE 2016

29-30 April


Held at Haagwegvier Leiden, this edition LISFE explored the theme of “Youtopia”. Short films from all over the world that capture the lives, dreams and stories of people and communities that are seldom represented in mainstream media. This is the most personal, investigative and awe-inspiring edition of LISFE yet, and we hope to enhance your short film experience with the beautiful stories our world has to offer. 

The search for Utopia has never been more relevant than in the times that we live in today. Persecution, destruction, struggle and feelings of isolation are everywhere. Even though the world is more connected, people feel increasingly disconnected. Everyone dreams different dreams. Everyone wishes for different wishes. The imagination of a Utopia has become more personal. Yet, what binds us together is the search for a better life, the search for a better world, this common quest for Utopia. We are continuously evolving, changing and adapting to our surroundings. Making the best out of what we have is what keeps us going in this search for our own perfect world. A Youtopia. And when all our Youtopias start coming together, we begin to see the realisation of Utopia.