•    We believe in the power of social change through visual means.

•    We fully embrace diversity, both within our team and in the programs we curate.

•    We want to be an inclusive and transparent organization, not only in our curatorial choices, but also in our ethic towards the filmmakers, our staff and the environment.

•    We promote narratives that are urgent in their content and/or unique in their form.

•    We curate programs as an expression of our core values: Passion, Open-mindedness, Creativity, Consistency, Respect & Environmentalism.


•    Amplify the voice of under-represented communities in the (international) film industry.

•    Shed a light onto relevant narratives that tackle social/political/environmental and cultural topics

•    Maintain diversity and inclusivity in both the festival’s program and team.

•    Create a cultural conversation that can be sustained within and outside of the festival/cinema space.

•    Be a platform for (the under-represented format of) short films.


•    Eliminate the boundary between filmmakers and audience by offering a space to meet and discuss films in a horizontal way.

•    Become an outspoken voice in the cultural scene of Leiden and the Netherlands.

•    Be an eye-opener over important issues, by bringing the right narratives to the audience.

•    Become an international reference for our film and side-events programme.