Leiden Shorts is the second largest short film festival in the Netherlands, with submissions from over 80 countries around the globe.

We believe in cinema as a tool for social change, and want to become an outspoken voice in Leiden’s cultural scene. We fully embrace diversity, not only in culture but also in discipline, medium, and expression.

This year, our theme ‘Climate (In)justice’ seeks to highlight how existing inequalities are being exacerbated by climate collapse. Four film sessions and side events are dedicated to this issue directly.

Our poster series this year was designed and executed by Andreas Trenker with pictures kindly provided by Joseph Giacomin.


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Leiden Shorts will be on Vitamine Cineville
September 7-13
A digital exhibition on greenwashing and fast fashion featuring films from our 2020 programme


This unique digital exhibition, inspired by our 2020 theme Climate (In)Justice, takes a deeper look into the detrimental costs of the fast fashion industry, in particular, how it negatively impacts the livelihoods of workers in the global east and south, harms the environment, and perpetuates particular narratives about how consumers ought to look and behave. Guided by Aynouk Tan, a journalist, curator, and art director who observes fashion from an anthropological point of view, this exhibition will take you through an assortment of short films from our 2020 programme that speak to issues regarding resource consumption, labour rights for women, and representation.